Angel Blue

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Hello. My name is Angel, and it is my pleasure to welcome you to come inside of my live cam room and start an adventure with me. I am always happy when I am online, it means I have opportunities to make friends, and that I think is very exciting. I am not an introvert, I am very extroverted. I love to express my emotions and feelings. When I saw how much fun other girls were having on CherryTV with all their guests I started to feel that I wanted that too. By seeing all those girls on that website, I started to envy them a little, but not wanting to be left behind, here I am, on CherryTV!

I am very comfortable when I am naked and playing with myself. I never feel forced, reaching a climax comes naturally to me. I have no long history of relationships and always kept myself on the low. However, I will admit here to you, I did watch porn movies, and I like to see girls getting fucked in every possible position. I think sex is a form of communication that can help you to make friends easily!

In my cherryTV room, there are not many rules. Just behave and be kind when you speak to me or to others. Make sure when you ask me to do sexy things it comes along with a little tip. In the shape of a present or just a number of tokens. I hope we can find nice topics to speak about, I am waiting for you and will be waiting for your return after our first meeting. I do not forget nice people!

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