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I am Rubina, as I hope, you already know. My home town is Venice. So, as we use to say, duri i banchi!, means hold fast, so I picked my way, and Im doing my best. I love the gym, workout, and morning running along the seashore. I don t need to tell you, that from a sexual aspect of view, Im more than open-minded If you joined my show, you know it for sure. I love passion and satisfaction in every possible way, but I started to be addicted to the magic of hearing the tip sound when I am close to cum for you guys Really, I love it. Those who never tried will never believe As a girl from Venice, born almost in the sea, I can’t imagine living far from the magic of the ocean. As you can see, it is always present in my shows. I am not here to write a book, I think, you enjoy my other part So, do not waste your time reading this and ask me whatever you want, when you meet me online see you there, ciao belli.

I love to be driven like a Ferrari!